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Accountants In TV Shows

When we think about TV characters that capture our hearts and minds, accountants might not be the first to come to mind. Yet, many TV shows have featured accountants who are not only memorable but also play pivotal roles in their respective series. These characters bring a unique blend of humour, intelligence, and sometimes even drama to the screen.

Why We Love Accountants in TV Shows?

Accountants in TV shows are often portrayed with a mix of quirky personality traits and a knack for numbers that make them endearing to audiences. They balance the seriousness of their profession with moments of fun, creating a well-rounded character that viewers can’t help but love. Whether solving complex financial problems or navigating personal dilemmas, these characters bring a unique charm to the screen.

The Role of Accountants in Storytelling

Accountants in TV shows often serve as the voice of reason or the comedic relief, depending on the show’s context. They can advance the plot, offer insights that other characters might miss, or provide a much-needed laugh. Their presence gives the stories additional depth and genuineness, which increases their relatability and appeal.

Top 10 Accountants in TV Shows

Ozark – Marty Byrde

Ozark, scripted by Jason Dubuque—the same man who created “The Accountant—”stars Marty Byrde, a financial advisor turned money launderer. Forced to flee Chicago after his business partner steals money from a Mexican drug cartel, Byrde drags his family to the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri, where he is tasked with laundering $500 million in five years.

Ozark offers a different perspective on money. The show begins with a voice-over monologue that presses the audience to contemplate the true meaning of money. Although the show is filled with financial advice you probably shouldn’t take, it serves as a reminder of what happens when you steer from the straight and narrow as an accountant. You know the saying – with great power comes great responsibility.

Futurama – Hermes Conrad


Accountants in TV Shows

Jamaican Rastafarian Hermes Conrad prides himself on being a level 34 bureaucrat and accountant for the delivery company Planet Express. Bureaucrats in the 31st Century are members of the Central Bureaucracy tasked with handling financial, legal, and other business matters in futuristic New York. As a result, Hermes constantly fears making a mistake not to lose his rank, as lower numbers outrank higher ones. Hermes holds a realistic outlook on life, often poking holes into the other characters’ dreams and ignorance. You can always count on your accountant to bring you back to reality!

The Office (U.S.) – Accounting Department

The dysfunctional accounting team of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, comprised of Kevin, Oscar, and Angela, offers a pretty close representation of what your average accounting department looks like. Oscar and Angela are lead accountants on TV shows at Dunder Mifflin, often disagreeing on appropriate office behaviour. However, they are both excellent at what they do, meticulously processing the company’s financial activities.

On the other hand, Kevin is financially inept, which explains why he often has difficulty understanding even the most basic concepts. One key lesson from Kevin is the importance of accuracy in financial reporting. In one clip, Kevin reveals that he regularly inserts an “eleven” in his worksheets whenever he does not have the actual figures, proudly stating, “A mistake plus eleven gets you home at seven.” Don’t try this at home, kids.

Narcos – Guillermo Pallomari


Accountants in TV Shows

Narcos has been among the most addictive series released in the past few years, earning a 4.5-star rating on Rotten Tomatoes. With all the action and suspense, it’s no wonder people can’t get enough of it! Season 3 of the show focuses on the Medellin Cartel’s ultimate rival, the Cali Cartel. Unlike the former, the Cali Cartel is much more low-key and prefers to keep to itself, which makes it more dangerous than the flashy mobsters of the Medellin Cartel. Their moves are strategic and highly calculated. However, Guillermo Pallomari, the cartel’s accountant, undone the powerful and seemingly invincible cartel.

Although Pallomari did not handle guns himself, his mind was as fast as the bullets the mobsters shot as he wrote all the cartel’s financial ledgers in complex code so that nobody else could decipher them. Accountants in TV shows are genuinely the ultimate powerhouse.

Parks and Recreation – Ben Wyatt

Accountants In TV Shows

Ben Wyatt is no ordinary fellow. At 18, he succeeds in becoming Mayor of Partridge, Minnesota. However, due to his youth and lack of experience, he bankrupts the city, leading him to be unofficially banned from Partridge. It was a less-than-perfect start to his accounting career. However, he decides to make it his life goal to learn from his mistakes, taking up accounting at Carleton College and leading him to become a state auditor helping cities escape bankruptcy.

Ben remains level-headed throughout the show, consistently offering the audience a sense of normalcy in the bizarre world of Parks and Recreation. When life seems wild, you can rely on your accountant to keep you grounded.

Game of Thrones (GoT) – Master of Coin

Number one, we have the most sought-after accounting position that people have been unable to handle for over a few years. The Master of Coin is a royal official in the government of the Seven Kingdoms, who also holds a seat in the Small Council – the realm’s inner cabinet. The Master of Coin is responsible for the Kingdom’s finances, and with all of the wars that have been waged within the Seven Kingdoms, it is an understatement to say that this job is challenging.

In Game of Thrones, several individuals try to be the Master of Coin, each bringing their unique approach to managing the realm’s finances. Petyr Baelish, also known as Littlefinger, is particularly noteworthy for his cunning and strategic mind, which he uses to manipulate the economy to his advantage. Tyrion Lannister brings a more pragmatic and honest approach, while Mace Tyrell’s tenure is marked by incompetence and negligence. The role of the Master of Coin illustrates the immense responsibility and power that Accountants in TV shows can hold, shaping the fate of entire kingdoms.

Orange Is The New Black (OITNB) – Linda Ferguson

Linda Ferguson is the Management and Corrections Corporation (MCC) accountant. Her objective is to save the prison as much money as possible without considering the inmates’ welfare in order to move up the corporate ladder at all costs. Linda is characterized by her stone-cold personality, which has been a constant throughout her life.

In a comic twist, she gets trapped in prison with the inmates for 48 hours after a riot breaks out at Litchfield Penitentiary while she is in the bathroom. Luckily for her, Piper (Taylor Schilling) and Alex (Laura Prepon) find her and help her blend in with the inmates rather than throw her to the wolves. Maybe this experience will change Linda’s heart – sometimes efficiency should not be the ultimate endgame.

Cheers – Norm Peterson

Norm Peterson might be the most popular accountant in history. Everyone who has ever watched Cheers will never forget the warm greeting that Norm Peterson receives from everyone in the bar each time he walks into Cheers. Breaking all existing stereotypes of Accountants in TV shows, Norm is the best and worst bar patron rolled into one. On the one hand, he is the unlikely candidate for the party’s life, but on the other, he also holds the most extensive bar tab, which he never seems to pay back.

Norm gives us an inside look into the life of an accountant after hours. Surprisingly, despite his job, he has a lot of time to spend at bars. He is the number one customer at Cheers and has a drink now, pay later attitude. Sometimes, you need to crack open a cold beer – or five?

Breaking Bad – Skyler White

Skyler White is the character many love to hate. Her character is one of the most complex and well-developed characters in the Emmy-Award Winning Breaking Bad. Often misunderstood, White is the wife of the show’s antihero – Walter White. When her husband discovers that he has lung cancer and starts to deal with methamphetamines to make money to cover his family’s expenses after his death, Skyler is kept in the dark. Although the audience can sympathize with why Walter does this, once Skyler finds out, she is angry and asks Walter for divorce – and understandably so. However, she decides to remain in the marriage for the sake of her children, eventually becoming Walter’s accountant and effectively laundering their money.

Skyler gives the show some sense of morality, even as her husband descends deeper and deeper into his lust for power. Although she loses her balance occasionally, she still serves as our moral compass, reminding viewers that, as charismatic as her husband may be, what he is doing is still wrong by all accounts.

The Good Wife – Clarke Hayden

Lawyers always seem to snag the addictive shows Suits and Scandal. How many shows do they need? Luckily, Accountants in TV shows also get the spotlight in the courtroom drama “The Good Wife”, where Clarke Hayden is a lawyer who doubles as a pro-bono accountant.

Hayden is brought in to help a law firm avoid bankruptcy by identifying the areas where they can save money. As a result, he develops a contentious relationship with his client, who worries that he will make too many cuts, leaving the company worse off. Ultimately, Hayden manages to save his client’s firm and win their trust, showing us that you should always have faith in your accountant.


From Ben Wyatt’s charming nerdiness to Walter White’s chilling transformation, Accountants in TV shows have proven to be some of the most engaging and multifaceted characters on screen. They bring a unique blend of humour, intelligence, and drama that enriches the storytelling experience. These top 10 Accountants in TV shows have entertained us and reshaped our perceptions of the accounting profession.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Makes a Great Accountant in TV Show Characters?

An excellent Accountant in TV shows character combines professional expertise with a relatable and engaging personality. They often have unique quirks and play crucial roles in advancing the storyline.

How Do Accountants in TV Shows Reflect Real-Life Accountants?

While Accountants in TV shows are often dramatized for entertainment, they reflect real-life accountants’ analytical skills, attention to detail, and problem-solving abilities.

Why Are Accountants in TV Shows Often Comedic Characters?

Accountants in TV shows are often comedic because their profession’s perceived seriousness contrasts sharply with humorous situations, creating a rich source of comedy.

Which TV Accountant is the Most Accurate Representation of the Profession?

Oscar Martinez from “The Office” is often cited as an accurate representation due to his professionalism, logical thinking, and realistic workplace scenarios.

How Can I Become an Accountant?

Accountants typically need a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a closely related field, followed by certification (such as CPA). It’s also critical to gain real-world experience through internships or entry-level positions.

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