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Detroit Lakes Cinema | Everything You Need to Know

Detroit Lakes Cinema

Nestled amidst the beautiful lakes and vibrant summer life of Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, lies a thriving cinema scene waiting to be explored. Whether you’re a resident seeking a night out or a visitor looking for entertainment options, Detroit Lakes offers a cinematic experience that caters to diverse tastes. This blog dives into the world of Detroit Lakes cinemas, highlighting the two main theaters and exploring what makes them unique.

Why Catch a Movie in Detroit Lakes?

Watching a movie in Detroit Lakes is more than just a casual outing; it’s an experience. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, the city’s unique blend of modern amenities and small-town charm makes it an ideal location to enjoy the latest blockbusters or indie films. Combining scenic beauty, local culture, and excellent cinemas ensures a memorable movie-going experience.

The Two Main Cinemas in Detroit Lakes

Cinemagic Washington Square 7

The crown jewel of the Detroit Lakes Cinema scene is Cinemagic Washington Square 7. This multiplex theater is located conveniently within the Washington Square Mall and boasts seven screens showcasing various first-run films. From blockbuster hits to critically acclaimed independent features, Cinemagic Washington Square 7 ensures something for everyone.

Cinemagic offers a comfortable and modern movie-going experience. The theaters feature plush seating, state-of-the-art digital projection, and immersive sound systems that transport viewers right into the heart of the action. For moviegoers seeking extra luxury, consider reclining seats, available in select auditoriums, for the ultimate relaxation.

Location and Contact Information

Cinemagic Washington Square 7 is conveniently located at 820 Washington Avenue, Detroit Lakes, MN. For inquiries and showtimes, call (218) 844-5220.

Theater Amenities

Cinemagic Washington Square 7 offers a range of modern amenities to enhance your movie-going experience. The theater features seven state-of-the-art screens with digital projection and surround sound, ensuring top-notch audio-visual quality. Comfortable seating with ample legroom and cup holders adds to the overall comfort. Refreshments like popcorn, nachos, candies, and soft drinks are available at the concession stand.

Current Showtimes and Ticket Purchases

Stay up-to-date with the latest showtimes and purchase tickets online through the Cinemagic Washington Square 7 website. Getting tickets in advance, particularly for the weekend and highly anticipated releases, is advised.

Special Events and Promotions

Cinemagic Washington Square 7 hosts special events and promotions throughout the year. From themed movie nights and early screenings to discount days and family packages, there’s always something exciting happening. For the most recent information, visit their website and social media accounts.

Washington Square Mall Cinema 5

Detroit Lakes offers another cinema option for those seeking a more intimate movie-going experience. Nestled on West Front Street, Washington Square Mall Cinema 5 boasts a charming atmosphere and a focus on independent and art-house films.

This five-screen theater provides a welcome change from the blockbuster-heavy world of multiplex cinemas. Here, you’ll find a curated selection of independent films, foreign language features, documentaries, and classics. Washington Square Mall Cinema 5 caters to cinephiles who appreciate a more diverse and thought-provoking cinematic experience.

The theater promotes community through year-round special screenings, Q&A sessions with filmmakers, and film festivals. These gatherings provide local filmmakers with a stage and allow moviegoers to interact with the making of their favorite films.

Location and Contact Information

Washington Square Mall Cinema 5 is situated within the Washington Square Mall at 808 Washington Avenue, Detroit Lakes, MN. For more information, call (218) 844-6220.

Theater Amenities (if available)

Washington Square Mall Cinema 5 provides a cozy and intimate movie-watching experience. While it may not boast as many screens as its counterpart, it offers comfortable seating and a selection of popular concessions to enjoy during the film.

Discussing the Lack of Online Presence

Unlike Cinemagic Washington Square 7, Washington Square Mall Cinema 5 has a limited online presence. It can make it challenging to find updated showtimes and event information. However, local listings and the mall’s information desk can provide the necessary details. Visiting in person to check the latest schedules is often the best approach.

Beyond the Big Screens (Alternative Movie Experiences in Detroit Lakes)

Outdoor Movie Screenings (if available)

Detroit Lakes holds outdoor film screenings at several parks and public areas during the warmer months. These events are perfect for enjoying a film with family and friends under the stars. Bring a blanket and some snacks, and experience the cinema differently. Check the city’s event calendar for upcoming outdoor movie nights.

Local Film Festivals or Events

Detroit Lakes is home to several local film festivals and events celebrating the art of cinema. Every year, the Detroit Lakes International Film Festival presents a wide selection of international films, including independent and experimental productions. These events provide a platform for filmmakers and offer movie enthusiasts a chance to explore unique cinematic experiences.

Movie-Themed Restaurants or Bars

Enhance your movie night by visiting one of Detroit Lakes’ movie-themed restaurants or bars. These establishments often feature décor inspired by classic films and offer special movie-related menu items. They provide a fun and immersive pre- or post-movie dining experience.

Planning Your Movie Night in Detroit Lakes

Choosing the Right Cinema

When deciding which cinema to visit in Detroit Lakes, consider movie selection, ticket prices, and theater amenities. Cinemagic Washington Square 7 is ideal for those seeking a modern and comprehensive movie-going experience, while Washington Square Mall Cinema 5 offers a more intimate setting.

What to Eat Before or After the Movie

Detroit Lakes boasts a diverse dining scene with options to suit every palate. From casual eateries and family-friendly diners to upscale restaurants, there’s no shortage of places to grab a bite. Popular spots include Zorbaz on the Lake for delicious pizza and Mexican fare, The Fireside for fine dining, and Lakeside Tavern for a relaxed atmosphere with great food.

Making a Night of It

Extend your movie night by exploring nearby activities and entertainment options. After the film:

  • Take a stroll along Detroit Lake’s scenic shoreline.
  • Visit a local bar for some live music.
  • Enjoy a round of mini-golf.

The city offers a variety of activities to complement your movie experience and make for a memorable evening.


Detroit Lakes offers a unique and delightful movie-going experience, combining modern cinema amenities with the charm of a small-town setting. Whether you choose Cinemagic Washington Square 7 or Washington Square Mall Cinema 5, you’re in for a treat. Remember to explore the alternative movie experiences and dining options to make your night out special.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there any drive-in theaters in Detroit Lakes?

While Detroit Lakes does not have a drive-in theater, outdoor movie screenings are a popular alternative during the summer months.

Can I purchase tickets online for both Detroit Lakes Cinema?

Yes, Cinemagic Washington Square 7 tickets can be purchased online. However, due to its limited online presence, it’s best to call or visit in person for Washington Square Mall Cinema 5.

Are there any discounts available for movie tickets?

Both Detroit Lakes Cinema offer various discounts and promotions throughout the year. For the most recent offers, visit their websites and social media pages.

What are the best dining options near the Detroit Lakes Cinema?

A: Some top dining options include Zorbaz on the Lake, The Fireside, and Lakeside Tavern, all of which offer delicious meals to enjoy before or after your movie.

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