Ultimate Guide to the Pasadena Gun Show 2024

Pasadena Gun Show

The Pasadena Gun Show is a highly anticipated event that attracts firearm enthusiasts, collectors, and dealers nationwide. This guide will provide an in-depth look at what you can expect from the show, including key details, what to bring, and how to make the most of your experience. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a first-time visitor, the Pasadena A special chance to examine a large selection of firearms and associated accessories is provided by the Gun Show.

History and Heritage of the Pasadena Gun Show

The Pasadena Gun Show has a rich history dating back several decades. Originally established as a local gathering of gun collectors and hobbyists, it has become one of the West Coast’s premier gun shows. Held annually at the Pasadena Convention Center, this event attracts visitors from California and nationwide.

Why Attend the Pasadena Gun Show?

Comprehensive Product Showcase

For firearm enthusiasts, the Pasadena Gun Show is a paradise. It offers a comprehensive showcase of firearms, ammunition, optics, and accessories from leading manufacturers and vendors. Whether searching for a specific model or exploring new products, you’ll find everything you need at this event.

Exclusive Deals and Discounts

Many exhibitors at the Pasadena Gun Show provide exclusive offers and savings you won’t find anywhere else. It is an ideal opportunity to purchase firearms and accessories at competitive prices. Whether you’re a collector or a first-time buyer, these savings can significantly enhance your experience.

Community and Camaraderie

Beyond the products and deals, the Pasadena Gun Show fosters community and camaraderie among attendees. It’s a gathering place for people who love guns to celebrate their common interests and share stories. The atmosphere is welcoming and inclusive, making it a memorable experience for all who attend.

Event Overview

Location and Venue

Welcome to the Pasadena Gun Show, hosted at the esteemed Pasadena Convention Center. Nestled in the vibrant heart of Pasadena, California, this premier venue is renowned for its spacious halls and top-notch amenities, catering perfectly to large-scale events like ours. The Convention Center’s central location ensures easy accessibility for attendees arriving from various parts of the region, whether by car or public transport.

Dates and Timing

Make sure to put this fascinating event—which usually takes place over a weekend—on your calendars. You can attend on Saturday or Sunday, with doors opening promptly at 9 AM and closing at 5 PM on both days. To maximize your experience and beat the rush, we recommend arriving early, especially during the bustling morning hours when enthusiasts and collectors flock to explore the diverse offerings.

What to Expect?

Exhibitors and Vendors

The Pasadena Gun Show features a wide array of exhibitors and vendors, showcasing everything from antique firearms to the latest in modern weaponry. You can expect to find:

  • Firearms: Handguns, rifles, shotguns, and historical weapons.
  • Ammunition: Various calibers and types, often at discounted show prices.
  • Accessories: Scopes, holsters, cleaning kits, and other essential gear.
  • Collectibles: Military memorabilia, historical documents, and rare items.
  • Knives and Tools: High-quality knives, multitools, and outdoor equipment.

Expert Speakers and Demonstrations

Throughout the event, industry experts will give talks and demonstrate their products. These sessions cover firearm safety, maintenance tips, and historical overviews. Attendees can also watch live demonstrations of new products and technologies in the firearm industry.

Networking Opportunities

The Pasadena Gun Show is an excellent place to meet like-minded individuals. Whether you’re looking to connect with other collectors, find a mentor, or chat with fellow enthusiasts, the event offers plenty of networking opportunities. Many attendees come year after year, forming a tight-knit community.

Preparing for the Show

Tickets and Admission

Purchasing tickets for the Pasadena Gun Show is your gateway to an expansive array of firearms, accessories, and educational opportunities. We strongly advise buying your tickets online to expedite the admissions procedure. It saves you time and guarantees your admission, as the show often reaches maximum capacity quickly. For those preferring spontaneity, tickets can also be purchased at the door on the event day. Attendees are eligible for discounts, including special rates for seniors, military personnel, and NRA members. These discounts not only make the event more accessible but also cater to the diverse community of firearm enthusiasts who attend the show each year.

What to Bring?

To make your visit to the Pasadena Gun Show as enjoyable and productive as possible, here’s a checklist of essentials:

  • Identification: Ensure your ID is current before entering and purchasing any possible firearms.
  • Cash: Although some sellers take credit cards, many exhibitors still prefer to be paid with money, especially for minor products.
  • Shopping Bags: Bring sturdy bags or cases to carry your purchases throughout the convention center comfortably.
  • Comfortable Shoes: With the expansive layout of the venue, comfortable footwear is essential to navigate the show floor without fatigue.
  • Notebook and Pen: Keep these handy to jot down valuable information from exhibitors and speakers, ensuring you get all the key insights and product details.

Safety and Regulations

Safety is paramount at the Pasadena Gun Show. All firearms brought into the venue must undergo a thorough inspection at the entrance to confirm they are unloaded and properly secured. Concealed carry within the show premises is generally prohibited to maintain a secure environment for all attendees. Familiarizing yourself with California’s firearm laws is crucial, as they are strictly enforced at the event. It ensures compliance and enhances the safety protocols in place throughout the show.

Event Highlights

The Pasadena Gun Show isn’t just a marketplace; it’s an experience filled with educational opportunities and community engagement. Throughout the event, attendees can expect:

  • Educational Workshops: From beginner tips to advanced techniques, workshops cater to all levels of firearm enthusiasts looking to expand their knowledge.
  • Vendor Booths: Explore various vendors showcasing everything from antique firearms to cutting-edge accessories and equipment.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow enthusiasts, industry professionals, and experts who share your passion for firearms and shooting sports.

Making the Most of Your Visit

Planning Your Day

Given the event’s size, planning your day is helpful. Review the list of exhibitors and schedule of talks to prioritize the ones you’re most interested in. Allocate time for browsing, attending demonstrations, and networking.

Engaging with Exhibitors

Feel free to ask questions and engage with the exhibitors. They are knowledgeable and often passionate about their products. Whether you’re looking for advice on a specific firearm or curious about the history of a particular model, the exhibitors are there to help.

Attending Workshops and Demonstrations

Make the most of the educational opportunities available. Attending workshops and demos is excellent for learning new skills and staying current on business trends. Arrive early to secure a good seat; these sessions can fill quickly.

Exploring Pasadena

If you have time, consider exploring the beautiful city of Pasadena. Known for its rich history and cultural attractions, Pasadena offers plenty to see and do. Visit the nearby museums, gardens, and restaurants to round out your trip.

After the Show

Following Up

After the event, take some time to follow up with any contacts you made. Networking is a key component of the Pasadena Gun Show, and maintaining these connections can be valuable for future events and collaborations.

Storing and Maintaining Your Purchases

Proper storage and maintenance of your new firearms and accessories are crucial. Purchase high-quality cleaning supplies and gun safes to keep your possessions in excellent shape. For best practices, refer to the advice provided by exhibitors and speakers at the show.

Staying Informed

Join email lists and follow the event organizers’ and your favorite exhibitors’ social media profiles to receive updates about upcoming gun shows and related events. This way, you’ll be the first to know about upcoming shows, special promotions, and industry news.


The Pasadena Gun Show is a must-visit event for anyone interested in firearms, whether for collecting, sport, or personal defense. With its extensive range of exhibitors, informative workshops, and vibrant community, the show offers something for everyone. Preparing in advance and making the most of your time at the event can ensure a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I purchase tickets in advance? 

Tickets can be bought in advance at specific local merchants or on the official Pasadena Gun Show website. Online ticket sales usually close a day before the event.

Are children allowed at the event? 

Yes, children are typically allowed at the Pasadena Gun Show. However, minors must be accompanied by an adult guardian at all times.

What types of firearms are typically available for purchase? 

The Pasadena Gun Show typically features a wide range of firearms, including handguns, rifles, shotguns, and sometimes antique or collectible firearms. It’s advisable to check the event details closer to the date for specific exhibitor information.

Is there parking available at the venue?

Yes, parking is available at the venue. Attendees are entitled to reserved parking spaces, although it might get busy, so getting there is advised.

Are there food vendors on-site? 

Yes, there are food vendors at the Pasadena Gun Show. Throughout the event, you can expect various meal and snack options.

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